Hypnosis to Stop Biting Your Nails

Hypnosis for Nail biting

Stop biting your nails with hypnosis | Created By: Leora Fulvio
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Leora Fulvio
Leora Fulvio
Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

About the Instructor

Leora Fulvio is a California Licensed Psychotherapist and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since 1999 she has helped thousands people to get past difficult roadblocks of the mind using hypnotherapy.

This session will help you to generally reduce the anxiety that leads to nail biting. It will help you bring consciousness to this very unconscious habit. When you go to bite your nails, you will become conscious of what you are doing and be able to stop before you start. You will then take some deep breaths, which will lead your mind and body to relax and allow you to make the choice not to bite your nails.

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